Charles River Kayaking – Intermediate

Thursday August 25 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Event Status: Planned

Woerd Ave Boat Launch $10 per person
48 Woerd Ave
Waltham, MA


Disability Served: Autism, Brain Injury, Hearing, Intellectual, Mental Health, Physical, Visual

Communities Served: Adult, Family, Teen, Veterans, Youth

The Waypoint Outdoor Kayaking program will give you and your group access to some of New England’s most beautiful lakes, rivers, and coastline. Enjoy the fun and serenity of the water all while being a part of a supportive community. Benefit from the wide array of adaptive kayaking equipment designed to meet your individual needs. Our highly trained staff will instruct, support, and encourage you as you learn new skills or further develop your existing ones. All kayaking programs will be custom designed to fit the needs of you and your group.

Based on the goals of an Intermediate Kayaking program, this type of session could have the following qualities based on the enrollment of the group: (1) It could consist of folks who have been kayaking before and are ready to develop and learn more advanced kayaking skills. (2) It could consist of individuals who are familiar and comfortable with new social settings, can follow multi-step directions, or can stick to a task independently. (3) It could consist of kayakers age 16 or over. Trips may be longer in paddling distance (approximately 4-6 miles) and/or take the full day (approximately 5 hours).

Fee: $10 per person

If you are interested in registering or for more information, please contact Julia Spruance at jspruance@waypointadventure.org, or call the office at 617-244-5472.