Tuesday January 24 10:00am - 12:00pm

Event Status: Planned

Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center $15 per day
1 Verney Drive
Greenfield, NH


Disability Served: Autism, Brain Injury, Hearing, Intellectual, Mental Health, Physical, Visual

Communities Served: Adult, Family, Teen, Veterans, Youth


Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation & Sports

Contact Name: Kristin Harris, CTRS/L

Phone: 603-547-3311 x1664

Come outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery with us at the Crotched Mountain Accessible Trails on one or all of these snowshoeing events!

When:  Tuesday, Jan 24th  10 am -12 pm
Thursday, Jan 26th 1-3 pm,
Saturday, Jan 28th 10 am -12 pm,
Sunday, Feb. 12th 1-3 pm,
Thursday, Feb. 23rd 1-3pm

Cost:   The cost will be $15  per session which will include guidance, set up and snowshoes/ski poles, if needed.

Things to bring: Boots, Gloves,Jacket, Hat

**PLEASE dress appropriately to be outside for over an hour in shade and/or windy areas- snow pants may be a good option**

The weather, as we all know, is always unpredictable on the mountain so we will do our best to provide communication when sessions need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled.

To register or questions:  Please contact Jenn Clarke and /or Ben Cayes at / 547-3311 X 2104 or / 547-3311 x 2101.